FIU Panthers Give Back to Their Community

Peter Holland Jr./ Contributing Writer

On Sunday morning, the Orangebowl Committee had started their annual Football Clinic hosted by FIU’s Football Head Coach Ron Turner. The Orange Bowl Committee created the football clinic for what its called the Youth Football Alliance, where children 14 and younger gets the chance to learn about the fundamentals of football.

The whole coaching staff dedicated their time for the young children, teaching them the basic skills of football and playing it the right way and safe way. It was a good turn out with hundreds amount of children registered and the parents gets to chance to watch their sons and daughters play around with one another. “Its all about the kids, the Orange Bowl did a tremendous job” Turner said. Turner will also say that playing football at a young age is critical from pop warner to high school, and its good to teach the youth players and coaches about football and how to teach them the right way.

Running backs Coach Tim Harris also had to say about the event.  Harris was a former high school head coach at Booker T High School and is well known in the Miami Community. “It is awesome to be able to help these kids and take something back with me with not only the football part, but with hard work and dedication to the academics as well; especially growing up in Miami, being in these kids position at one point , and how important it is to have people  in my position to give back to them.” Harris said.

Both Coach Turner and and Coach Harris also mention how important children safety are and how critical it can be If its not taught the proper way.  Coach Harris would mention that the the kids are growing faster and stronger knowing how dangerous it can be. Coach Turner will lecture the younger coaches from the community at the Football Clinic that children’s safety always come first and always make sure the kids are being taking care of.

FIU Athletics  is currently ranked number one in the country in community service. “I think its critical that these guys should get involve and give back , and they see how much satisfactory they bring to the children”, said Coach Turner. Turner will also say that the team will visit different elementary schools, churches and children’s hospital during their spare time. The Athletics recently accepted the Inaugural Award for most community service from the NCAA in early June.

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