This Weekend: Kpop Con USA

By: Stephanie Montes De Oca – Contributing Writer

Kpop Con Usa, a convention dedicated to Korean culture, will be a three-day convention from June 19 through the 21st. Formerly known as Kpop Con Miami, Kpop Con Usa is the first ever Kpop convention in Florida.

The founder of Kpoppin USA, the first Kpop merchandise store in Florida, teamed up with the South Florida Kpop Fan Group on Facebook and worked hard to build the ultimate fan experience in the summer of 2014 for the first Kpop convention- a one day event that drew in about 1,500 attendees. In hopes to spreading the knowledge of all things Korean, Kpop Con Usa includes everything from food and cultural traditions to different kinds of Korean entertainment including, but certainly not limited to music.

The convention is made by fans of Korean culture, for fans of Korean culture, to give them the best experience possible. They also focus on giving fans the opportunity to showcase any of their talents in singing Korean music or dancing the intricate Kpop Idol choreography by participating in multiple performance events.

Kpop Con USA will also host a variety of panels, drama screenings, movie screenings, games and activities, as well as have tons of merchandise that fans will go crazy for, such as music albums, posters, buttons, plushies, Kpop tshirts, and more. There will also be different rooms dedicated to different popular Korean reality TV shows as well as fun activities to participate in with your friends. They will even have special guests including two famous YouTubers, JRE and Mr Popo, who react to Kpop music videos, two famous cover groups, NYX and Coco Avenue, and Aimee Lee Lucas, a famous choreographer who will be hosting a dance workshop at the convention.

You can find more information about the con online at Hope to see you all there!

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