Student Thoughts: The lie of the new ten dollar bill

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Alexander Hamilton will be replaced by a woman on the new ten dollar bill.
The result of activism from advocacy groups like Women on 20s and legislation like the one proposed by New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D), the new bill will be released in 2020.
Put away the party hats, people.
The new bill is nothing more than a patronizing nod on the part of the powers that be to the women that helped build this country. The fact that whoever will end up on the bill will share a space with a man shows as much. It’s crumbs and scraps from the top.
The US Treasury’s workforce is 70.2% male. The pay gap between men and women has not improved with any notable significance in the past decade, and it will not close for over 70 years at the current rate. The U.S. Congress has proportionately fewer women serving in it than the parliaments of Iraq or Afghanistan. We don’t just have a long way to go, we’ve shot ourselves in the foot before the race even began.
The New Ten is the latest story in the neo-liberal appropriation of feminism. This new “feminism,” what I like to call Mass-Media Feminism, is spearheaded by websites like BuzzFeed and Jezebel. The goal does not appear to be the breakdown of patriarchy, but limited participation within that system. These feminists support Hillary Clinton to be the first woman president, despite the broader, decidedly anti-liberation and anti-human rights implication of perpetuating a political dynasty that passed a free trade agreement that has entrenched the slavery of marginalized women in the name of global capitalism and “growth” the first time it was in power. It would likely do so again if given the chance. They attempt to marry the politics of gender equality with the ideology of liberation through the free market and an alliance with the State. As a result, the feminist movement has been suckered in to the old trap that Che Guevara’s fans are in, seeing their message of collective pain being turned into a commodity and traded for individual profit. Radical chic is back in full force.
Mass-media feminism will superficially improve things for women in pop-culture through its faustian bargain with capitalism. However, as more and more of the movement’s adherents coalesce behind Hillary Clinton, the cost appears to be a marriage with the imperialist system of exploitation that placed women in a lower class in the first place. Women may have a face on the American currency now, but that currency is paid for in the blood of the women who were not fortunate enough to be born in the right country. It is not enough to beg for pennies on Wall Street. Women must wholly reject the establishment and the institutions of capital if liberation is ever to be achieved. For that, the news of the new ten must be seen for what it is, a distraction in the battle for liberty and equality, a dangerous collusion with the corporate state, and the calling card of the new Statists; the fascists who wear a smiley face and Minnie Mouse ears.

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6 Comments on "Student Thoughts: The lie of the new ten dollar bill"

  1. Sheesh, another article by a communist? It says something about FIU that "capitalism" is treated as a dirty word, and that this author apparently thinks Che Guevara is more moral than Minnie Mouse. I really hope that these articles serve as a warning to any prospective students.

  2. Mariah Spenser | June 24, 2015 at 7:49 AM | Reply

    Good news actually, the Treasury has decided to keep Hamilton, but with a few changes …

  3. Mariah Spenser | June 24, 2015 at 7:49 AM | Reply

    Good news actually, the Treasury has decided to keep Hamilton, but with a few changes …

  4. Mariah Spenser | June 24, 2015 at 7:49 AM | Reply

    Good news actually, the Treasury has decided to keep Hamilton, but with a few changes …

  5. FIU Feminist | July 1, 2015 at 7:19 PM | Reply

    As much as I agree that capitalism is the model/structure on which disgusting systems, in this case misogyny, work on, and that it is inherently feminist not to replicate capitalism for women’s liberation, I have to argue that the writer of this article seems to drag women really hard. As much as liberal feminism bothers me, I find that you’re in no position as a man to criticize their activism, but instead how other men use that pseudo-activism to propel their own version of patriarchy that’s hiding behind a guise of "feminism."

    • So, a man has no position to criticize women, while women have the right to criticize men? And this is the blueprint towards a more equal society?

      Honestly, I don’t understand… why does it seem like FIU has suddenly become full of radicals and anti-capitalists? This was always a pretty moderate school until maybe two or three years ago. Now you couldn’t pay me to attend any longer…

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