Open Mic Nights at BBC

Alexandra Mosquera Netzkarsch / BBC Managing Editor

Outside the Ballrooms in the Wolfe University Center, a small crowd gathered last Thursday, June 25, with the purpose of performing. The Open Mic Night organized by CREFO, a club at the Biscayne Bay Campus dedicated to exploring and developing skills in photography and video.
These open mics have been taking place regularly since 2013 and allow the audience to experience many different performers. The club will keep organizing the open mics throughout the summer and fall semester on a monthly basis.
Artists can go on stage and perform their talent, whether it is singing, spoken word or playing an instrument. The open mics have a laid back atmosphere where artists encourage and support each other to present their work. Although the June 25 event had a positive outcome, CREFO hopes to see more students perform in future open mics.
“Spoken word artists were student alumni,” said Jefferson Joseph, one of the founders of CREFO. “Social media works, but we want to reach more students.”


Photo Credit Natalie Reyes

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