A night out with Last Night Out

By: Nadine Rodriguez

Contributing Writer

Growing up in Miami, one gets used to the local music scene. Salsa, Reggaeton, Hip-Hop and Pop mainly dominate the radio stations and local venues, rarely sharing the stage with cover bands and small time artists. So when Michael Cooper and Juan Pastor met at a friend’s house back in eighth grade and decided to create a punk band in Miami, they knew they had their work cut out for them.

“It never really happened until we met Jose freshman year of high school. That’s when we came up with the name,” Juan said.

“We officially started playing as a four part group sophomore year, but we had a different drummer,” Jose said. “We’ve had four drummers before our current, Nick.”

“Senior year was when everything was together,” Mike said.

“We played Talent Farm and Revolution Live,” Jose proudly said.

Although Last Night Out has finally reached a seemingly permanent line up of members and has a couple of venues on its resume, the band has faced various struggles along the way.

“I think the biggest struggle as a local band in Miami, specifically rock or punk, is finding shows. Once you meet the right people to talk to and connections, you got yourselves a couple of shows. But initially, it’s hard,” Jose said.

“There is a big underground punk culture that exists in Miami, it’s just not supported right now. There are not enough labels, booking agencies, anything,” Jose said.

After asking where Last Night Out dreams of playing Jose excitedly said, “One of our goals is to play at Warped Tour.”

“But we need a CD,” Juan said. “We don’t have a CD yet. We’re finally writing music consistently. With past drummers we wrote maybe 3 songs every few months.”

When asked about their writing process, the band began to speak about their different musical influences. Mike listed off Incubus and Panic At The Disco as his influences, while Juan went a more emo route with Set it Off and Alesana. Nick said Taking Back Sunday, before quickly changing it to Brand New, and Jose chose Green Day.

We all have different music tastes,” Jose said.

“When you hear our original songs, we’re all over the place. Some are funky, some are screamo, some are very punky,” Juan said. “We’ve actually updated some of our old songs. We added words- a riff here and there.”

“We’re not static. We make sure our influences are present in our music,” Mike said.

“With such diverse songs, we can fit in with almost any crowd or band. We’ve played with cover bands all the way to screamo bands,” Juan said.

For now, it seems that Last Night Out have a positive outlook on their future. With more local shows to be announced, and a first CD in the process of being recorded, the four young men are ready to break out of the pre-set mold for musicians in Miami.  Although they aren’t featured on Spotify or iTunes yet, Last Night Out has a Youtube channel, as well as a Facebook and Instagram.

“We play what we feel, and we all feel different things,” Jose said.

Almost on cue, Mike delivers a powerful sentence.


“It’s human music, that’s all there is to it.”


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