FIU band Redshift shines

by Jasmine Romero


About a month ago, a new local band sprung into existence, adding to the already eclectic array of Miami musicians. The young group of FIU students – Enrique Rosell, Jose Maldonado, Christian Gil and Anthony Yabor – formed Redshift, an indie rock band, who held their first performance at the House of Rock in Doral on Saturday, July 4.

Although they have all had their musical talents since the beginning of their FIU career, it was a Rock Band game session at Yabor’s home that sparked the desire to form Redshift.

“We all love music and it’s really sad not having it in your life. It’s nice being in a band again and being able to just play,” said Rosell, who had not played in a band since his senior year of high school.

As the band is merely a newborn, their musical aim hovers over the “alternative indie” genre of rock.

“I’m not really worried about fitting in. I don’t want to be too specific, ‘cause that will kind of ruin the whole point of making something new,” Maldonado said.

Yabor, on the other hand, pegged their genre down as “awesome.”

There was an element of suspense at their first performance, as the venue opened an hour later than the advertised 7 p.m. time. After another hour, the dark room had its seats and stage filled. Appropriately, the first stage lights to illuminate Redshift were tinted red. They played mostly covers and performed two original songs.

Their setlist was as follows: “Someday” by The Strokes, “Whatsername” by Green Day, their original “No Name,” “Brain Stew” by Green Day, their original “Luna,” “Island In The Sun” by Weezer, “In Bloom” by Nirvana, and “Everlong” by Foo Fighters.

With Rosell as lead vocals and guitar, Yabor on drums, Gil on bass, and Maldonado on lead guitar, Redshift shows precision and potential. Rosell’s voice is smooth, emotive, and suits each cover. Because the band is new their energy is kept formal but not detached. They did not hesitate to interact with the crowd; Rosell went as far as sharing a story about his near-death post-gym experience.

“Luna” and “No Name”, the two originals from the band, were sweet and sappy. “Luna” is similar to a serenade, composed of only Rosell’s singing and gentle guitar playing. “No Name” is more pop-punk — something you can jump to. Instead of showy, each song is sincere.

Redshift left the stage with the echo of applause and an air of promise. I am curious to see how this band will evolve and mingle with the rest of the scene.


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Jasmine Romero
Multimedia Editor for FIUSM. Beyond that, I am an artist, writer and amateur music photojournalist.

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