This week in tech: Happy Browsing (preview)

The Internet is an infinite, beautiful place where knowledge is accessible, communities are plentiful and new content is constantly flowing. There really are no limitations. So many doors open once you learn your way around the Internet because the Internet gives us the resources, the keys to create and unlock opportunities.

But, the Internet is dangerous. Did you know that most of the time people use only 20% of the Internet? The remainder of the Internet “Dark” or “Deep” web is only accessible through certain browsers such as Tor. These browsers are notorious for being havens for drug trafficking, human trafficking, prostitution, hired hit men and much more nefarious activities.  Though it is scary stuff don’t let it scare you. too much. You’ll never find content like that on Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Bing, Youtube, Reddit, essentially mainstream webpages that most everyone uses.

That doesn’t mean you still don’t have to be careful when you’re browsing because every thing you do on the Internet can easily come to light. The privacy that people think they have, they don’t. The spams, junk mail, dubious ads can easily be virus waiting for that single click to sink its teeth into your software. It’s important to learn what to do and what to avoid when you go online.

In this article we will explore more about ways that you can be attacked, most common types of cyber attacks and how to stay safe on the Internet.


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