Car Underwater: Acoustic Special

10 – 12 am

American Football – Untitled #3 [Boombox Practice Session,1999]
Owen – Never Meant
Owen – Declaration of Incompetence
Sunny Day Real Estate – Days Were Golden
Citizen – I Still Shut My Eyes
Seahaven – Honeybee
Balance and Composure – Stonehands

Old Gray – Show Me How You Self Destruct
Emo Side Project – Chemicals
Dowsing – Amateur Cartography (Living Room Recording)
Into It. Over It. – Cambridge, MA
Pswingset – Thanks for the Record
Saosin – Mookies Last Christmas
Chiodos – Baby, You Wouldn’t Last a Minute on The Creek
Dashboard Confessional – Screaming Infidelities (MTV Unplugged)
Jimmy Eat World – The Middle

Thursday – A Hole in the World
Taking Back Sunday – You’re So Last Summer
Rise Against – Swing Life Away
The Starting Line – Playing Favorites
The Wonder Years – Woke Up Older

Tigers Jaw – Chemicals
Tigers Jaw – Hum
Tigers Jaw – Distress Signal
Tigers Jaw – Nervous Kids
Tigers Jaw – Jimmy Piersall
Tigers Jaw – Fake Death
Tigers Jaw – Safe In Your Skin / Where Am I?
Tigers Jaw – Never Saw It Coming
Tigers Jaw – Carry You Over
Tigers Jaw – Plane Vs. Tank Vs. Submarine
Tigers Jaw – I Saw Water
Tigers Jaw – Teen Rocket

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