This week in tech: Glass Memories

Of course, Google would be the pioneer in leading technologies and come up with amazing and slightly eerie ideas such as this one – With the aid of glasses similar to their “Google Glass”  you could record, share and replay your memories.

The way it would work is so: With your headset you will be able to record video and audio content with a mounter camera. You can power this camera on or off whenever of you could let it run constantly. Google Servers will be the platform in which these videos are uploaded and you can share these memories with your friends or on your social media sites.

The projects is not, however, even in its inception but a patent. We have a long time to see this Google idea become a reality. We all know how “Google Glasses” turned out so I can only hope that this time around their project is more successful.

Check out this article that has a video explaining more: Google Glass Video Patent


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