University Radio Station to host Welcome back barbecue

Maria Soledad Lorenzino/ Editor-in-Chief

Ask students about WRGP, and most won’t know much about it. FIU’s student-run radio station hopes to change that at a welcome back barbecue for students on Wednesday, Aug. 26.

“We’re still not a big known factor or resource at FIU and we want to make apparent the resources we have to offer,” said Amanda Rabines, WRGP’s general manager.

At the WRGP Welcome Back BBQ, students will meet the people behind the music and talk shows.

“It’s going to allow students to have a chance to interact with the DJs at our station,” said Rabines.

At the entrance, two DJs will take turns playing live music. Inside, students can meet the DJs and talk-show hosts, and listen to samples of their shows. After interacting with the two DJs, students will get free food, refreshments and giveaways.

Students will also get a chance to see local band SunGhost perform.

The Barbecue is on Wednesday, Aug. 26, from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the The Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum.

WRGP FIU Student Radio was known as Radiate FM until spring 2015, when it rebranded to help students better identify the radio station.

Students can listen to WRGP at FM 95.3 or 88.1 in Miami, and at FM 96.9 in North Miami.

As for the barbecue, Rabines gives students only one expectation.

“Expect really good music,” said Rabines.

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