Barbecue kicks off the semester at BBC

Alexandra Mosquera Netzkarsch / BBC Managing Editor And Gabby Arzola/ Contributing writer

The Week of Welcome events at the Biscayne Bay Campus started off on Monday with the barbeque hosted by Campus Life and about 600 students attended. “Food always brings people together,” said Henrry Zelaya, production assistant at FIU BBC.

That was exactly the goal Campus Life had, aside from “having a good time,” said Andres Bermeo, the account manager of Campus Life. The line to get food was long, but students didn’t mind, “many were able to get food twice,” said Bermeo.

“For most students it is their first day of school at a university or the start of their last semester at FIU,” said Joshua Carrasco, master’s in higher education administration, who waited in line quite some time. “What better way to kick off the school year?” said Carrasco.

Food, such as salad, burgers, sweet beans, rotisserie chicken and different fruits, besides refreshments and music were offered between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. in Panther Square having tables set up for students to sit down and eat their meals. This set up was meant to “encourage interaction between students and get to know each other while enjoying their meals,” said Bermeo. The food wasn’t the only hit among students.

“The music is vibing and the atmosphere is great,” said Bendji Calizte, senior in political science studies. The band playing during the event, “Steel Away” made up by Gail Clarke-Alleyne, her husband Fitzroy “Fox” Alleyne and their son Kwesi.

“We’ve been performing at this event for the past four years,” said Clarke. “And every time it is a pleasure to be here because the atmosphere is very positive, you can feel it.” The band was playing Caribbean inspired music, but they also play jazz and contemporary music around the U.S. and at an international level. In addition there were giveaways such as t-shirts for students.

“We had 300 t-shirts and they were all gone before the event ended,” said Bermeo. There are four more events taking place at BBC throughout the week organized by Campus Life and one organized by the Spirit Council on Friday.

“I think it’s a great opening for meeting new people and taking the early stress off from everything,” said Jasmine Avery, senior in broadcast journalism.

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