Luau Lunch at BBC with Hawaiian entertainment

Gabby Arzola / Contributing Writer

With the event that has received the most attention throughout the Week of Welcome kickoff series, the Freshman Luau will finally debut on Thursday, August 27, and will take place in the WUC Ballrooms. This event is open to the FIU community and will provide a free lunch for attendees.Performances by Polynesian/Hawaiian dancers will be one of the highpoints of this event. In previous Luau’s, the dancers encouraged the guests to dance and support attendees to take interactive role to be a part of the performances, according to Andres Bermeo, account manager of Campus Life.

“This is the 15th year this event takes place and last year we served over 600 students,” said Ivy Siegel Mack, assistant director at Campus Life.

SGA has allocated $10,450.00 for the Luau, according to Siegel Mack. The lunch provided will also be Polynesian/Hawaiian inspired cuisine.

“Last year the food offered was upside-down pineapple cake,” said Aquino student assistant at Campus Life. There were also carved watermelons with Rory on them, according to Aquino. With performances and food, there will also be a photo booth for students to take pictures as keepsakes during the event. Campus Life has tried to put together events for WoW that help students relax and “enjoy their first week at FIU,” said Bermeo. There will also be one of the best giveaways for FIU students, “The best and most expensive giveaway of the year has been reserved for this specific event,” says Bermeo. Campus Life is keeping the giveaway secret until the day of the event, according to Bermeo.

“I’m looking forward to this event,” says broadcast media senior Jorge Perez. “I’ve never been at an event like this, and learning about the Polynesian culture with food and the performances they said they would offer is something I would enjoy doing between classes.”

With the Fall semester in full effect, WoW will continue their kickoff events for all FIU students to start the semester with in the right spirits. “This is a fantastic event for freshmen,” said Joanna Guillaume, Panther Power vice president.

Since there is a wide cultural diversity in the student body at FIU, this event is a good opportunity to get to know more about Hawaiian/Polynesian culture.

“This event has an international touch,”Aquino added. “There is a brief info given to guest about Hawaiian/Polynesian culture and the meaning of the dances during the performances.” Aside from the free food and entertainment being offered at this event, this is great for freshman and transfer students to meet their peers and network at the beginning of the semester, according to Aquino.

“It’s a fun event because it’s only the start of many events that will follow and it shows what is in story for the rest of the semester,” said Guillaume.


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