Balanced Meal

Reniel R. Nodarse | Contributing Writer

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 23 out of 50 states here in the United States had an obesity prevalence of over twenty five percent and 18 out of 50 states had an obesity prevalence of over thirty percent. What does this mean? This means that more than 1/4th of the United States is being reported as obese. It’s 2015 and people are getting scared. There is an obesity epidemic in this country and those of us who aren’t over weight are freaked to make sure it stays that way.

Those of us who are trying to diminish these high statistics are learning how to make better choices when it comes to choosing what we put in our bodies. even wrote an article about the “Top 10 Healthiest Fast Food Places” with Panera Bread making the number one spot. However, although we choose these healthier places to eat, does it mean we are choosing well-rounded and balanced meals? We go to these restaurant’s that have these higher quality, and fresher ingredients but what we don’t realize is that we aren’t balancing our portions with the amount of exercise that we do daily. America’s problem isn’t that we are choosing the wrong foods; our problem is we don’t know how much is considered too much.

Let’s face it, we as Americans have a fast paced lifestyle. We work and go to school, and some of us even find time to lend a helping hand in our community by volunteering to make this world a better place. However with all these scheduled daily activities we may have not scheduled time for exercise. And that’s okay! We just need to learn how to balance out what we eat with how much we move.

Here are some brief examples that might help you portion out your day a little better: 1. went for a run and spent the day working hard in the sun? Go ahead and treat yourself to a larger meal, your body needs to replenish itself after a long day’s work. 2. Took the day off and spent it watching Netflix in bed? Today you should eat a lighter meal, something to keep hunger away without over consuming or storing that unnecessary amount of fat that your body is clearly not using at the moment. 3. Spent the day at work and studying at school? Today eat moderately, your body needs fuel to produce brain power but don’t over fuel your body, otherwise you will flood it.

We should definitely continue to eat at these healthier places, but what we need to pay more attention to, is how we can eat and keep the weight at bay. Balance is something that we can all easily learn how to do and it will keep away any risk of being obese in the long run. Our generation has the opportunity to change the world for the better. So get up America, live free, eat right and move on.

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