Jefe’s Original Soul Shack offers “delicious” tacos

Gabby Arzola // Contributing Writer

Every Tuesday and Thursday, I have a four hour break between classes.

Naturally, I like to explore North Miami Beach, go to Aventura mall or just hang around campus and study, but this time I wanted to eat (no surprise).

Last Tuesday, it was only 10 a.m. and I had the weirdest craving for tacos.

Of course, I crave something that isn’t served in the morning, but I was determined to find a taco joint close by school and preferably not go to Chipotle.

Thanks to Yelp, I see there is a nearby restaurant called Jefe’s Original Soul Shack with decent prices and great reviews.

Cheap and delicious tacos? Now you’re speaking my language.

Just a five minute drive from school, I find the restaurant next to a bead store and a yoga shop.

When I walk in Jefe’s, the theme is relatively beachy with a tiki-inspired order station and colorful glass float nets hanging from the ceiling. With mismatched furniture and quirky velvet seats, I was definitely intrigued by their overall aesthetic.

Not only does this place have tacos, but they also have burgers, salads and even pastrami sandwiches. Their culinary theme seemed to be a little abstract, but that just makes this restaurant even more unique.

I ordered an Ensenada Style Fish taco and a New Mexican Yardbird (Chicken) taco, with a side of guacamole.

The food came out within minutes and the presentation was definitely Instagram worthy.

With corn tortillas and colorful and fresh toppings like pico de gallo and fresh slaw, the quality of the tacos were outstanding.

The fish was fresh and fried in a light crispy batter. When you bite into it, the cabbage and cilantro gave the taco a fresh crunch and the crema sauce was subtle and tasty.

The chicken was juicy and seasoned perfectly. Their salsa verde complimented the taco by giving it a nice tang and their red onions and added a nice fresh dimension to the meal.

The guacamole was unique in which it wasn’t mashed up like most guacamole I’ve seen. Instead, it was in small chunks and mixed in with cilantro and lime juice.

It was definitely a unique experience and not something I would have expected to be only a couple miles away from school.  If anybody has a taco craving—or any craving, I’m sure Jefe’s Soul Shack will have exactly what you need!

With my taco craving satisfied, the world now feels a little brighter and my belt feels a little tighter—I call this a successful day.

Beacon Bits is a food column published every Wednesday. Gabby Arzola paid for the food with her own money.


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