An Eclipsed Mid-Autumn Festival

By Francois Cardier/Contributing Writer
The Moon Festival roared loud in Panther Square at the Biscayne Bay Campus this past Monday, Sept. 28. Students celebrated with food and traditional decoration.
The Moon Festival, also called Mid-Autumn Festival, started with the lunar eclipse that darkened the skies this past Sunday, Sept. 27.
In Korea, China and Vietnam the night is marked by a tremendous celebration, in which families close and distant, get together to celebrate and give thanks for the harvest and pray for good fortune for the next year.
At BBC, the members of the International Student Club came together to organize an event for Panthers to experience the tradition of this festival.
Andre Dawson, ISC advisor at BBC, was one of the members in charge of organizing the event.
“We do this festival every year to expose the students here in FIU to a new culture,” said Dawson.
Moon cakes and other sweet treats were present at the gathering as students mingled and got to know more about one of Asia’s biggest holidays of the year. Panther square was decorated top to bottom with lanterns and images of the Festival so that students could feel the vibes of the real festival.
The event ended with a lunch for all accompanied by the tradition of giving thanks for the blessings in their lives.


Photo Credit: Creative Commons

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