Promising Season Ahead for Panther’s Wrestling

Erika Semprun/ Contributing Writer

With a coach as qualified as Jim Warmington and a captain as passionate and driven as Joshua Baron, Florida International University’s Wrestling Team surely demonstrates great potential this upcoming season. Warmington, a new member of the Panther family and two time Greco Roman Champion, Freestyle Champion, and National Team Qualifier, is coaching FIU straight to victory. Baron, who’s in his second year at FIU and pursuing a degree in Business Management, is also beginning his second year as captain for the wrestling team.

“It was a transition when I first started college and it’s a huge responsibility, but I wouldn’t trade my position as captain. I like the challenge and more importantly the sport,” admits Baron, who earned the position as captain early his freshman year at FIU.

The returning leader decided to follow in his father’s footsteps when he began his wrestling career seven years ago, before attending Miami Killian Senior High School. Baron began his career as a Panther after he was offered the opportunity to wrestle in Oklahoma and was unable to attend. Although Baron was unable to fulfill the plan he initially had in mind, he has slowly come to realize that he’s grown to love his school.

“I love attending FIU, and I love the team,” says Baron. “Coach Warmington is an amazing coach; the team really has a lot to offer.”

An exciting season for the Panthers approaches as the team prepares for matches against USF, UCF, UWF, and schools from across Georgia.

“Our match against UCF is definitely a big one for me, they’re national qualifiers so the pressure is definitely on,” Baron said. “Regardless, we’ve all been working really hard.”

Freshmen Angelo Martinez, Carlos Cardenas and Robert Warmington all really bring something great to the table. With talent ranging from Japan to the United States, there’s no doubt that this dedicated team will make it to the top.

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  1. Maykel Dolorit | February 25, 2016 at 5:39 PM | Reply

    I am interested in joining the club please email me with some information. I was a state runner upast year at 170 pounds.

  2. I am interested in joining the club. I am finishing my prerequisites at MDC then transfer to FIU. I want to know if I can join the club while doing that. Please email me with some information. Thank you.

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