Half Moon a hint of Argentinian flavor on campus

Crystal Fernandez // Columnist (Healthy, Happy, Humble)

The South Florida culture surrounds us with delicious foods from various countries; In particular, Latin America. Who can resist a cortadito, a croquetta or a delicious empanada? But these greasy favorites can make us feel heavy and make it difficult to stay awake in class or study.

Luckily, there is a new place on campus that offers a healthier alternative to our favorite latin treat, and guess what? They deliver!

Half Moon Empanadas are the newest member of the FIU Campus! The owners Pilar Guzman and Juan Zavala launched the company in 2008, after a nostalgic longing for the late-night delivery snack of choice in Argentina; a scenario our Panthers can relate to when our tummies are grumbling at midnight. Now, they have brought the taste of Argentina to our diverse campus.

While these savory pockets of dough are usually deep fried and stuffed with high-calorie fillings and preservatives, Half Moon is an alternative to your usual wrap and sandwich routine. Stick your teeth in to these guilt-free, golden treats with unique flavors.

Half Moon serves hot, made-from-scratch empanadas. The have a variety of flavors such as spicy chicken, guava BBQ pork, spinach or fresh ground beef. Half Moon’s empanadas are baked, not fried and they are made with fresh ingredients every morning so they make for a quick, filling and tasty bite when you are on the go.

The Half Moon Empanadas FIU Grand Opening will be on Wed., Oct. 14. But you don’t have to wait until then to taste the newest spot in PG6. They have already started their catering and desk-side delivery service to anywhere on campus.

So, whether you’re emerged in a serious study session, working late on campus, or even rushing to an organization meeting, you can enjoy fresh-baked empanadas no matter where you are on campus.

Be sure to stop by the grand opening this week. From noon to 2 p.m., you can stop by and enjoy an Empanada Happy Hour of free empanadas and a raffle for prizes.

But the empanada madness doesn’t stop there. On Thursday, Oct. 16 and Monday, Oct. 19, the Half Moon Empanadas street team will pop up around campus for Random Acts of Empanadas. They will surprise members of the FIU community with gifts of empanadas to thank those who aren’t always noticed for their dedication and work on behalf of FIU.

These Random Acts of Empanadas will continue to happen on surprise dates on the FIU Campus. So you never know when half moon will pop up to brighten your day.


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