The Habit Burger is perfect for the entire family

Gabby Arzola//Contributing Writer

In West Miami, Flagler passes through the Westchester/Sweetwater community, but past the Sedano’s Supermarkets and bodegas serving Cuban coffee and pastelitos, there is a Santa Barbara restaurant serving classic foods with a California twist.

The Habit Burger, a well-known restaurant chain that started in Santa Barbara, has now taken over West Miami.

Almost like Fuddruckers sophisticated cousin, this burger joint serves high-quality burgers, sandwiches, salads, malts and even tempura green beans.

The beach-themed restaurant is clean with minimalist décor.

Paintings of California beaches and surfers are framed on seemingly every wall. With long wooden tables, bar stools and imitation palm tree decorations, the vibe is geared towards an older crowd who are not interested in fancy decorations, just good food.

I ordered a Santa Barbara Style char burger with a side of tempura green beans and their homemade strawberry lemonade limeade.

The presentation of the meal was impressive. The burger was served on a sourdough bread that was golden and toasted, with a lettuce leaf and orange slice for garnish.

The American cheese was oozing from all sides, and avocado chunks were peeking through the bread.

When I bit into it, the flavor brought me back to the Sunday barbeques my family had when I was a kid.

The burger was juicy and seasoned simply with salt and pepper. Because of this, the flavor of the meat was highlighted and its crispy and charred corners were my favorite part.

The soft and chewy crunch of the sourdough bread tamed some of the smoky flavor, and the Hass avocadoes added a creamy and rich taste that made the burger even heartier.

The sliced tomatoes were cold and juicy and the crisp lettuce added a fresh element to the burger while the mayo and pickles added a soft tangy flavor.

The tempura green beans were warm and crispy and the ranch dressing added a zesty taste to the mild green beans.

My new favorite drink has to be the strawberry lemonade limeade with cucumber slices. The drink didn’t taste artificial. The strawberries were sweet and the cucumbers added a refreshing twist.

This place is a great spot for people who want great food at a great price. I’m definitely coming back to The Habit Burger.

With other options such as their BBQ chicken salad and albacore tuna filet, there is something for the entire family.

Oh, and don’t forget to hit up the self-serve pickle bar.

Beacon Bits is a weekly column about food tailored for the college student on a budget. Gabby Arzola paid for her food. The restaurant did not provide her with free food.


Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons

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