Art? You have to be Aikidding me!

Andrea Guerrero/ Contributing Writer

Aikido, an ancient Japanese martial art, draws students to the club each year to learn the style.

“I like it because it’s different. It’s more about offense and not hurting your opponent,” said Alexis Fernandez, a junior liberal arts major.

Aikido may be categorized as one of our FIU combat club sports, but according to Juan Alberto, the club sport’s instructor, it’s more of a graceful art.

Aikido is an understanding of movements, which Alberto likens to a ballroom dance.

“99 percent comes from the energy and movements from the other person. You have to watch their movements,” Alberto said.

Aikido is used to teach self defense through energy rather than strength. Alberto says that using this form of martial arts is a non-violent form of protection.

Cynthia Irizarry, a sophomore studying criminal justice, has been part of the Aikido club for two years.

Although Irizarry was the only girl at practice out of the seven members in attendance, they do hope to get more people in the following semesters to join. The Aikido club has been continuously running for four years now. James Ashe, junior mechanical engineering major, has been part of the club for all four years and is now VP.

Aikido teaches individuals balance, respect, and good karma, all while learning self-defense in a different perspective of what we are used to.

Some say Aikido is something you either love or hate, but the way this graceful dance of self-defense is taught, there is no way you could turn down a chance to learn this beautiful art.

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