Talented sisters star in binge-worthy shows

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The entertainment industry has its fair share of famous, talented families, be it in the music business or film and television. FOX has capitalized on one famous family, giving the Deschanel sisters their own primetime shows which are both available on Netflix.
Emily, star of FOX’s fall hit show “Bones,” plays Dr. Temperance Brennan, an ultra-logical forensic anthropologist that plays a major role in solving major crimes that are investigated by the FBI. The show takes its name from Brennan’s loving nickname, Bones, due to her knack for bringing life to bones of her victims.
Bones works alongside her handsome partner, highly decorated FBI agent Seely Booth, played by David Boreanaz and a team of “Squints,” the term of endearment given to the scientists that also work in the Jeffersonian Institute’s Forensic Division.

The main squints are forensic pathologist Camille Saroyan, portrayed by Tamara Taylor, forensic entomologist Jack Hodgins (T. J. Thyne) and artist Angela Montenegro, portrayed by Michaela Conlin; there is also a rotating team of “Squinterns” that work within the institute while working towards their PhD.

The show is a hit, drawing in millions of viewers even in its 11th season. What starts as an almost rag-tag team of intelligent and talented individuals quickly grows and settles into a family that helps each other deal with issues ranging from abuse suffered as children to being stalked by a serial killer.

The show’s first 10 seasons are available on Netflix, and while it may take more than a weekend to get through each episode, it’s more than worth it. The characters are each not only lovable, but believable as well. It’s highly likely that

Bones has a difficult time becoming attached to people because of her abandonment issues stemming from her childhood.

In addition, it’s a show that depicts personal growth and development, something that’s rare these days. It shows everyday struggles and workplace issues that anyone is likely to face. It’s a human show about life and death and the many ways that it affects people.

Each show is an hour long, and at 22 episodes a season, binge watching can take a while, but each hour passes quickly.

Zooey stars in “New Girl,” part of FOX’s summer lineup, and plays Jessica Day, an overly enthusiastic, almost child-like elementary school teacher who moves in with a group of men following a messy breakup.
What reads as a horrible plotline makes for hilarious television.

Nick Miller, Jess’s love interest and resident grump, Schmidt, the loft’s pretty-boy douche, Winston Bishop, the sensitive athlete, Coach, the group’s aggressive over-achiever, and CeCe, Jess’s model best friend and object of Schmidt’s affection, each play a role in toughening up Jess and occasionally getting her into comedic binds.

“New Girl” drew in around two million viewers during its fourth season; while the numbers aren’t as large as those of

“Bones,” viewers are still treated with top-notch talent and comedy that is not always as obvious as the plot, and the show is a relatively bright-spot on the network’s lineup.

The show is perfect for twenty-somethings in need of a laugh and realistic television – every friend group has members that resemble the characters which helps in making the show believable.

The sexual and romantic tension, over-the-top shenanigans and adventures of the roommates is not only characteristic of the “old enough to know better, too young to care” feeling that many twenty-somethings have, but also space enough for the characters to mature and develop with viewers, a quality that helps extend the life of a series.

“New Girl” episodes are only 30 minutes long, and an average of 24 episodes a season will make catching up on this show a breeze. Seasons one through three are now available on Netflix, with season four coming to the streaming series late this year or early 2016; season five premieres on FOX in January 2016.


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