SGA plans to clean the Bay

Robert Solomon / Contributing Writer


Each year, students come together to clean the bay of waste to participate in the Day on the Bay initiative.


Day on the Bay was created in 2007 by SGA-BBC to  “create awareness among the student body to raise awareness that the planet needs maintenance, and to educate the students on sustaining the planet,” said Christopher Morisset, SGA-BBC chief of staff and the co-event coordinator.


Morisset clarified that this event is open to the Miami community, not only FIU students.


“Day on the Bay is an initiative to take out the invasive species in the bay right now, trash, dead animals, bottle caps, boots, which we have found last year and any other things that do not belong in the Bay,” Morisset explained.


Day on the Bay plans to take it a step further with Project Garden Wall.


Project Garden Wall will be led by SGA-BBC’s Comptroller Maria Pulido.


According to Pulido, there will be mangroves planted in plastic bottles that were collected from the bay.


“Having this wall will make it more apparent that FIU is more green and that the community wants to do something as a whole. The wall will be in AC1,” said Pulido.


“I think it’s great that people are trying to clean up their own mess,” said Hanna Gonzalez, a graduate communications student.


Around 50-75 students attended last year’s event.


“Everyone was busy, everyone was very involved, and everyone had something to do,” said Anne Dorcius, director for Environmental Affairs and co-coordinator of Day on the Bay.


She said at least 100 student participants are expected at this year’s event.


Morisset and Dorcius are planning to have teams of people assigned to specific duties this time around.


“Last year was fun, but having more people there would make it better because the bay extends all the way to 135th street. Last time we didn’t get to clean the whole thing,” said Morisset. “Having more of the community involved such as North Miami, Aventura, Alonzo Tracy Mourning High School, rather than just FIU students, will be a great help.”


Morisset says that the event will begin with sign up at 9 a.m., and clean up beginning at 9:30 am. The event’s guest speaker, Nicholas Ogle, will speak at 11 a.m., followed by lunch at noon.


“Help us make an impact in the environment, bring family, bring friends, and let’s have a great fun time,” said Morisset.




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