Powerlifting Club wins fourth State Championship

Luis Diaz/ Contributing Writer

Power, a word synonymous with authority. Lifting, a word that means to raise to a higher position and level. After earning their fourth consecutive State Championship, the University’s Powerlifting club has proven their authority over all Florida collegiate powerlifting clubs. However, it’s now time to raise themselves to a higher position.

On Oct. 25th, with the help of Best Male Lifter winner Vincent Victorero, the University’s Powerlifting Club took home the State Championship trophy. Aside from Victorero taking home the award for best lifter of the meet, he took home the gold in his 93 kg class. But it’s not just strong men that carry this team, as Natalia Cabanillas also won the best lifter award for the women’s division.

According to their coach, Bill Hennessey, the team didn’t have a lifter walk away from the State Championships with anything less than a silver medal, but with two individuals winning best lifter and other record holders scattered throughout the team, it’s no surprise.

“We just have a really loaded squad,” Hennessey said. “They’re gonna be a definite factor in the National Championships.”

The National Championships are on April 14th, and despite four consecutive State Championships, the team hasn’t been able to find the funds to compete at the national level. However, this year is a different story. They’ve fundraised, they’ve trained, and they’re qualified to compete. The team will be flying out to Providence, Rhode Island to compete with the nation’s best collegiate powerlifters in April and Coach Hennessey is positive that they could walk away from their first national competition with the first place title.

“I really think we can,” Hennessey said. “And if we win first or second place we’ll be invited to the World Championships.”

“I don’t know what every other team in the country brings to the table but I know what we bring and we’re formidable,” he said.

The optimism seems insane, already thinking about the world championships, but the way this team has dominated their competition, it sounds more than possible, it seems inevitable.

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