Student Thoughts: Writing benefits both mental and physical health

Ana Barrios / Contributing Writer

Do you remember the first time you wrote a story, poem or essay? How did it feel to write words on a single sheet of paper to create something expressive? Writing is known as a great activity for students to express their opinion on a topic or to craft a creative piece. Not only is writing fun, but it can also be beneficial towards one’s physical and mental health.

Sometimes the hardships and responsibilities of life can make a person feel like gravity is weighing down heavily upon them which leads to stress and bad health. Most people have trouble communicating with their friends or family about how they really feel. Instead, they prefer to keep those feelings of depression and worriment bottled up without realizing the consequence it will have on their health.

Expressive writing, a common therapeutic method, is recommended by psychologists to guide people towards writing down their feelings in order to improve their moods and their well-being. Research by Professor Laura A. King of the University of Missouri revealed that writing about future goals and dreams aids in making people feel happier and develops better health.

Stress is a common problem we all have when it comes to balancing school and work.

Stress leads to poor eating habits, lack of sleep and our nervousness. Writing has been recommended to help reduce stress levels and ease our minds by writing each day. You can write short stories, daily observations, poems and even ideas for school assignments to guide you towards feeling at peace.

Writing is not only good for the mind but it can be good for the body too. Studies have shown the physical benefits of writing have been linked to improvements of lung function, liver function and of the immune system. One common physical benefit of writing we all know is the development of our arm muscles in which the more one writes, the stronger one becomes in being able to withstand the pain of writing for more than an hour.

Academic and creative writing are both beneficial towards our mental and physical health. Writing an article, a story or poem, class notes and writing essays guides us toward discovering new information to inspire us. Most significantly, it reduces stress and sharpens our minds.

If you are inspired by an experience or you just feel the need to express your feelings, try writing to show your thoughts and creativity. The more you write every day, the better writer you will become.

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