FIU Culture: SJMC will now be part of CARTA

By Cindy Rays // Entertainment Director

Monday night, the students from the School of Journalism and Mass Communication received an email from the Department Chairs, Teresa Ponte and Elena Villar, announcing the merge of SJMC and College of Architecture + the Arts.

Faculty voted last week in favor of the move.

This comes to a surprise to many, but SJMC says the school will “retain its identity” and student will “see little change.”

The email briefly explained why faculty supports the move, “to build on the strengths” of both schools and give students access to facilities in 3-D printing, virtual reality and animation, as well as following the steps of other “prestigious institutions” that have done the same.

Public Relations major Meredith Marseille said, “they say things are going to stay the same but I feel something is going to change.”

Estrella Medina, PR major, voiced her concern and animosity towards the change “What they need to do is make this program better not combine it.”

“Enrollment at BBC has gone down, so they hope to bring it up by combining colleges,” said Marseille, also a member of SGA.

“They get more students, more students means more money, at the end of the day, it’s a business.”



Photo by Cindy Rays

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