Local Artist AJ Ruiz’s Nimbus is Made of Songs from the Heart

By Natalie Borjoquez // Contributing Writer


Now that the new year is looming and the holidays are over why not have your heart ripped out by the beautiful crooning of AJ Ruiz? AJ’s newest solo project Nimbus is made of songs from the heart.

AJ’s solo work is drastically different from the work he does with Purple Sun.

Purple Sun transports its fans to another time period, bringing to life all the 70s psychedelic rock that everyone loves to life but AJ takes listeners off to a land of broken hearts, something everyone can relate to.

Nimbus isn’t your typical romantically charged album. It’s poetic. My absolute favorite song from the album has got to be “Turquoise.” His pleading voice will make the stoniest, coldest hearts melt. AJ is able to tap into his own experiences and present them out to the world.

Another popular track from Nimbus is “Where are Your Eyes”. Now where Turquoise is calm and pleading, ” Where are your Eyes” is aggressively possessive, although this may not be a feeling that everyone would care to admit we’ve had it is one that can be shared by most people. This track also include a beautiful cello curtesy of Patricio Acevedo.

“This is What I Leave You With” is the closing track and its the end of AJ’s love story. It’s a bittersweet ending to any amazing album. He let’s his unrequited love go with all the hope that she can love herself as much as he does. Nimbus shows the versatility of this local artist and we hope to see more of his solo work soon.


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