SALES’ anticipated self-titled EP comes with a brand new single

By Natalie Borjoquez // Contributing Writer

SALES is definitely not a new band in Florida but recently their fan base has been exploding. They originally hail from Orlando but everyone across the globe seems to have caught the SALES bug.

The band recently had a fall tour in Europe and a West Coast tour in summer. Their self-titled EP finally collected together most of their songs and even include a remix of one of their songs “Toto” done by another Orlando artist XXYYXX. Lead singer, Lauren Morgan’s voice is full of this child-like innocence, even as she sings about a relationship falling apart in “Vow.”

This duo is able to create intricate minimalistic songs that get trapped in your mind. “Getting it On” falls into this category perfectly, it’s catchy, sad, and relatable. My favorite track off their EP is “Chinese New Year,” it’s one of their happier tracks but it still captures Lauren’s signature tone, who doesn’t need a fresh start everyone once in awhile. Celebration of a Chinese New Year brings good fortune and happiness and that’s what you get when you listen to SALES.

If this EP wasn’t enough the band also recently released the single “Big Sis,” that’s mellow enough to keep fans from missing them too much while the band gets back to work on a new EP.


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