Night Talk 2: Invite The Night

Megalonyx & Byrne


George Duke- No Rhyme, No Reason

Sebastien Tellier- Kilometer

Scattle- It’s Safe Now

Com Truise- Klymaxx

Mitch Murder- Beach Interlude

College- The Scarlett Empress

Zero 7- Don’t Call It Love

Everydayz- Le Vague a l’aime

X3SR- Infinite

Everydayz- Girl of My Dream (Screwed)

Insightful- Black Dress

Juj- Summer

Bahwee- Waterfalls

Washed Out- Straight Back

Garden City Movement- Move On (Teen Daze Remix)


Andras Fox- Midnight Mover

Grimes- Genesis

Sally Shapiro- Swimming Through The Blue Lagoon

Timecop 1983- Desires

Blackbird Blackbird- Blurred Lines

Eleventeen Eston- Fetch Island City

Turquoise Summers- So…

Uku Kuut- Vision Of Estonia

Benedek- Cold Flame

Star Slinger- Star Slinger

ESPRIT- Emerald Hill Zone/65 6742 1771

18 Carat Affair- Stacey Dreams of Paul

Persona La Ave- Second Wind

Com Truise- Glawio

Lusine- Panoramic

Part Time- All My Love and Your Love (Together We’ll Be Fine)


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