FIU Culture: WRGP Student Radio announces new talk show

by Veronika Quispe


To make the dreaded ride to FIU a little easier, or the necessary ingredient to make the first cup of coffee taste even better, WRGP brings you “Que Pasa, MIA?” FIU’s funniest morning talk show every Tuesday and Thursday from 8-9 a.m.

As part of WRGP’s new array of talk shows this upcoming semester, “Que Pasa, MIA?” serves as a source for South Florida locals to learn about FIU as well as Miami for the week.

Hosts Anthony Barroso, Luis Diaz and Veronika Quispe feature guests at least once a week. Listeners will be able to experience a wide variety of interviews with local artists, such as alternative rock band Kid Lore, made up of FIU alumni Jorge Mogna, junior Adam Tahoun and his younger brother Daniel. Kid Lore had released its EP “For Those Who Can’t Dance” in November and were hosting a release party at Sidebar Miami on Thanksgiving weekend.  

For those who were not too busy traveling over winter break QPM suggested a lineup of movies debuting in December just in time for the cozy holiday season. FIU grad Matthew Abad joined to go in depth and give his take on the most exciting films. Abad runs a successful podcast called “Spoilers with Matt” which analyzes the latest motion pictures in any box office with experts. Films included Star Wars, The Revenant, Hateful Eight, and the Big Short. Abad is also working on a film himself, although he could not share too many details, he definitely left QPM wanting more and will be coming back on air when the project is finalized.  

Panthers’ football standout and Miami native Jeremiah McKinnon has been invited on his last year at FIU and the upcoming North Miami Tropic Bowl he was honored to play in after a great senior season. McKinnon called in from Denver, where he is training with professionals, to share some great stories such as his first kiss, and even provided advice for high school athletes who will be committing to a school early February.


For those who missed the show, all the episodes will be found on soundcloud by searching “Que Pasa, MIA?”. For the latest pictures or updates on QPM the hosts developed @QuePasa_MIA on Instagram or @QuePasaMIA_ on twitter.

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