Car catches fire near Ziff building

Erica Santiago / News Director

Last night, Jan. 21, a car caught fire near the Sanford L. Ziff Family Education Building.

Officer David Navas, who was not on the scene at the time, tell FIUSM the fire may have occurred in Lot 9.

Steve Montoya, a senior psychology major, was on his way to class when he saw black smoke rising from the education building around 6:10pm.

He states he saw the incident as he was walking from panther garage over to the law building.

“I saw black smoke going up and so I knew something was burning,” says Montoya.

As Montoya kept walking he began to see a glimpse of the fire. He could also hear sirens and see flashing police lights in the distant..

At around 8:20pm last night, Montoya walked by the area again after class and says the incident seemed to be resolved. He saw no fire or car on the scene. He also didn’t hear any sirens or see flashing police lights.

FIUSM was able to take photos of the burned car being towed away after the incident.

Check to FIUSM for more updates on the fire throughout the day.

[Photo by Diana Romero]

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