International employment workshop offered

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Any international student would know that finding employment after graduation can be tough and beyond frustrating. In order for international students to remain in the U.S. after graduation, an employer must sponsor them with an H-1B visa for skilled foreign workers, according to

For all the 2,500 international students at FIU, the College of Business – Career Management Services is offering an Employment workshop.

The process can be long and complicated for foreign undergraduate students. According to Peertransfer’s website, those on F-1 student visa, you have a 60 day grace period after your date of graduation or last day as a registered student.

International students can also apply for the optional practical training (OPT) status both during and after completion of their degree. According to, the OPT allows international students to stay in the US for a year after graduation to work in their field of study. Students may apply for OPT after being enrolled for at least 9 months, but they cannot begin working until they receive their Employment Authorization Document (EAD).

In this workshop, students can accept to learn about the opportunities available to find a job in the U.S.A and how the process works for international students after their graduation.

The event will take place on Jan. 29 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Students are required to RSVP in Business Career Link at

Any international students in business in welcome to register and attend. For more information on the event contact the College of Business at 305–348–2751.


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