Student falls from second floor of Viertes Haus, survives

Sophie Herbut / Staff Writer

According to Officer David Navas, an FIU student was fooling around with friends on the night of Feb. 24. They climbed the stairs to the second story of the north side of Viertes Haus and tightroped on the framing to the roof of the smaller side of the building.

The student slipped and fell through the plexiglass and landed on his back.

When the police found him, the student was conscious but had notable gashing on his head. He was taken into Kendall Regional Hospital to be treated.

After the student fell, his friend bolted out to find someone to help. A custodian was the one who made the call.

The student did not have a hard time executing his stunt. The wall was barely waist-high and easily mountable.

A large group of police officers answered the call and arrived to the scene quickly.

“This is a terrible tragedy,” said Navas. “This is something that should never have happened. This student could have lost his life for making a bad decision.”

The name of the student and his friends are not yet known.

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