Fall Out Boy brings Wintour to South Florida

Nadine Rodriguez/Staff Writer

With over a dozen awards, six songs featured in movies and video games, and a passionate fandom that has lasted for over 15 years, Fall Out Boy has multiple accolades under their belt. This spring they add another: Wintour. Consisting of 20 shows, the good old Chicago boys hit the road with AWOLNATION and PVRIS on February 26, at Hollywood, Florida’s very own Hard Rock Live.

PVRIS started off the night well, building up excitement for the following acts. After a quick six song set, PVRIS departed from the stage, allowing AWOLNATION to take over. With a mix of eccentric vocals, incredible, fast-paced drum beats, and sporadic lights, AWOLNATION came and delivered. Their set was slightly longer than PVRIS, reaching a grand total of nine tracks, including the band’s extremely well-known song, “Sail.”

However, once they departed the true excitement settled in. The air shared by thousands of fans in the arena was charged with eager eyes set on the stage. After the light blue curtain had been raised after AWOLNATION finished their set, the screen spanning the entire stage lit up: It displayed a video of a skier soaring through a blizzard. Suddenly, snow began to fall in South Florida. Wintour had started.

And with it, an unforgettable performance.

Fall Out Boy’s newest single, “Irresistible” was the opening track, the fake snow in the air gave the illusion that the band was performing in a blizzard. The single was followed by an oldie that caused fans to rejoice and belt out the classic emo lyrics to “Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down.” Each track had its own memorable aspect.

The screen panned the stage displaying different graphics for each performance. One of the most memorable of the night was “Save Rock and Roll,” the last track on the band’s comeback album, “Save Rock And Roll.”

This song particularly memorable because Fall Out Boy used it as a tribute to the late David Bowie. His lightning bolt appears on what seems to be Mars’ landscape, and then slowly transitions to a black and white portrait of the rocker. The tribute was extremely moving, with lead vocalist Patrick Stump playing the piano as the lyrics: “I will defend the faith/Going down swinging/I will save the songs/That we can’t stop singing.”

Yet, Wintour’s first date was not perfect. As for the venue, the Hard Rock’s handling of the line of fans waiting to enter the show was extremely poor, resulting in a general admission pit before entering the concert.

In regard to the band’s management, obvious inclination towards attendees that paid more was disheartening. The VIP pit, which cost more than the regular general admission pit, appeared to be extremely comfortable and spacious. Meanwhile, sections of the regular general admission pit could not see the stage due to how it was designed. Consideration should have been taken for these attendees.

Overall, the Wintour tour is definitely a must-see. Talented, passionate bands combined with incredible light designs resulted in an unforgettable night.

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