SPC-BBC to host the BayFest Music Festival 2016, featuring Trina and Migos

Jay Vanparia/Staff Writer

With the grounding success and hordes of positive responses for the previous BayFest held in March 2015.

Incidentally, that was the first BayFest ever at FIU. Last year, the festival featured artists like longtime rapper Trick Daddy, Carimi, August Alsina and Kes. Each of the artists had a genre and a style of their own, and that is what made the festival successful. Even this time, the artists are really diverse in terms of the music as well as their ethnicities.

The student programming finally revealed the name of their final artists in a long and suspenseful line-up. The first artist to be revealed was Dexta Daps, who is famous for his fusion of reggae, pop and R&B. This was followed by the revelations of the next artists consisting of Trina, Bachamambo and J-Beatz, T-Vice and none other than Migos.

Trina is a famous rapper from Miami, and has done several moderately successful albums. J Beatz is a 16 up and coming producer hailing from North London. He is mostly known for coming runner up in JME’s Tropical Remix Producer Competition. Migos is a hip-hop trio based in Georgis, Atlanta and is famous for “Versace”, “One Time” and “Fight Night” to name a few. With such star studded talent, the FIU 2016 BayFest will be hit in all of Miami.

“The reason behind bringing in such different and diverse musicians, each with a genre of their own is because of the diversity of the student population at FIU”, said Tiffany Brown, one of the organizers of the Bayfest.

The event is open to students, non-students and other patrons from the neighbouring areas. The festival will commence from Saturday, April 9th at 3:00 pm to Sunday, April 10th at 12:00 am. “There will be food trucks, novelties and other activities at the backyard of our campus, our very own Biscayne Bay”, Brown exclaimed. There will be local artists from around Miami who will be performing from 3 pm to 5 pm. This would be followed by an hour of showdown between two of Miami’s hottest DJs. The Headliners will take hold of the stage at 6:00 pm, and the rock the campus until midnight.

“I am so excited for the festival. Since it is Saturday, I will spend the whole time on BBC with my friends as we rarely have a chance to go to the other campus”, said Bhumi Patel, a Biological Science.

The tickets for the event are available at www.eventbrite.com with prices ranging from $11.54-32.64. FIU students will get a hefty discount as usual and thus this is an opportunity which should not be missed. We look forward to this event, and hope it is a smashing success like last year.

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