Naomi Ruele to compete in 2016 Olympics

Samir Bader/ Contributing Writer

The Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics will be welcoming Redshirt Freshman from FIU, Naomi Ruele.  Naomi will be able to glorify her hometown country of Botswana.  Ruele clinched the spot after swimming a 26.07 on Sunday at National Championships from the Georgia Tech Aquatic Center.  

Swimmers must compete a set distance inside the pool, which in different cases, it involves a specific style of swimming and must compete for the shortest possible time.

For those who don’t know about the growing star, Ruele has acceded some of the fastest times in the world. Ruele earned five gold medals at the Botswana Nationals in Dec. 2013.  

She qualified for the Youth Olympic Games in the 50 backstroke at the South African National Aquatics in 2013 and became the first ever to do so representing Botswana.  

She is coming off a historic season here at FIU, eclipsing a mark in the record books.  Ruele now holds the all-time fastest times in the 50 freestyle(22.23), 100 freestyle(49.30) and also second all-time in the 100 backstroke(53.09). Most impressive about Ruele is that she is only opening the door to the next episode.

Swimming is one of the most physically fit sports in the world.  These athletes practice day in and day out to become these swimming machines.  It takes everything in your body at full speed and technique to compete with highest of highest talent.  

The Olympics is the grandest stage of them all, everyone from all over the world, tunes in to watch these amazing show their gifted talents.  Even if you’re not a fan of the sport, everyone wants to know who will win that gold medal. Athlete’s dream to one day represent themselves and their country till it becomes a reality.  

Not many can suppress the idea of becoming an Olympics because the toughest of the toughest competition will be center stage at this global event that begins August 5 2016.  That day will the day of journey for Ruele, a day to remember.  

Ruele has the chance to finally represent herself in her first Olympic competition and FIU is proud to have such talent.  She will be traveling with her fellow countrymen with hopes to show the world why swimming is her life.

This passion has driven her to the point that she is ready to deliver her name in the history books.

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