Greek involvement in SGA beneficial

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Interview with Dennis Par




SGA elections are coming up on the MMC and BBC campus and students are eager to rally around the candidate of their choice. The Student Government Association is a government led by students for students, aimed at establishing a representative form of democracy built to solve the concerns of the FIU student body.

It has often been said that SGA has a heavy Greek influence and there are many benefits to this. Sudyen Navarette, a sister of Phi Mu, is running for the position of Senator of the School of Journalism and Mass Communications. She expanded upon the positive aspects of Greek Life in student government in an interview with FIUSM.

“Being a part of Greek life, you get to push yourself to get a leadership position, volunteer and join other student organizations. Most Greeks have SGA positions and both organizations can help a student network, have possibilities for a great job and be the voice of many students on campus.”

Dennis Par, also in Greek life, a proud brother of Theta Chi, who is the senator of the College of Health and Sciences and the chair for the Rules, Legislative and Judiciary Committee. During his time in SGA, he’s had many successes.

“One of my biggest accomplishments during my time here is the development of the Student Health Advisory Council, since recently, there was a merge between student and FIU health. Our council was very central at that time. That’s one thing that after I graduate, once I leave, it’ll still be there. And in a way, it’s my legacy.” Par told student media.

There is however, a broad misconception that in order to run or be in SGA, that you must be affiliated and that is simply not true.

“I’ve had some students come up to me and say: ‘Don’t you have to be Greek?’ And no, the reality is you don’t. We encourage everyone to run. We don’t want to discourage anyone because yes, it is true… there’s a lot of Greeks involved. But that shouldn’t mean that anyone else shouldn’t be involved. It’s all about being inclusive and teamwork.” Par said.

Jullyssa Lopez is a sister of Sigma Sigma Sigma, and she is running for Lower Division Senator in the BBC elections. Although she is affiliated, she does not let that dictate who her platform reaches. She is striving to work for all the students of FIU.

“I want to encourage students to take on leadership opportunities from very early in their undergraduate years so they can start building a great resume before entering their junior year. I plan on doing so by spreading awareness and partnering with different councils and organizations at BBC,” Lopez said.

“Also, I want to expand mentorship and internship programs offered only to juniors and senior students to freshmen and sophomores so they are also able to connect with their majors and future careers. I want to make our panthers’ first two years here at FIU the best it can be, help them realize their full potential and build their leadership skills.”

Geraldine Gascon-Cavada is a sister of Sigma Sigma Sigma and has been with SGA for a year and a half as Special Events Coordinator, Speaker Pro Tempore and Vice President. Yet, she spoke passionately about how much SGA could achieve for the students of FIU:

“If we get more people to actually know what SGA does and come out to vote and understand the changes that are going on within FIU. Together we can work to make FIU an amazing place to live and study.”  

So maybe you are a Greek, proudly wearing letters stitched across your chest. Or maybe you are nonaffiliated. But at the end of the day, Greek or not Greek, we are all panthers, looking to make our university worlds ahead.



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  1. The problem is not that non Greeks are barred from all participation. The problem is that there exists an inner circle of Greek affiliates (with close ties to the administration) that control most of SGA.

    The President, Senate Speaker, and Chief Justice (the heads of every branch of SGA) are ALL Greek affiliates; the last two are even of the same fraternity! Such concentration of power is not only bad for the student body overall: it is morally bankrupt.

    "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

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