Bernie Sanders should not be underestimated

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From enduring an unsteady start to his presidential campaign in May of 2015 to his current status in the 2016 primary election season, Senator Bernie Sanders has significantly defied a series of unfavorable projections toward his campaign.

On Saturday, March 26, Sanders’ campaign gained a swift momentum, winning three caucus states: Alaska, Hawaii and Washington state.

During the early months of his campaign, Sanders most definitely attracted the attention of a range of pundits, especially with the announcement of his Democratic Socialist political philosophy. Almost instantaneously, Sanders campaign was struck with a fog of hateful rhetoric that has continued to make its appearances and many voters have and perhaps still do question his credibility as a candidate—quite possibly because of the way in which Sanders campaign is represented by media platforms. With web access at the tips of many, if not most Americans’ fingers, social media sites serve as a virtual gateway for the 2016 election season.

Though many voters and pundits view Sanders as an underdog, I view Sanders as a beacon in a lighthouse, aiding sailors on their travels through a dark and tumultuous sea.  Regardless of the many difficulties his campaign has experienced, Sanders has responded by unwaveringly advocating, addressing and discussing topics that many find difficult to discuss.

Among his extensive and detailed list of issues the United States faces today, Sanders is applauded by his supporters for his fight to end income and wealth inequality, his advocacy for health care as a fundamental human right, his courage to take on enormous economic and political powers affiliated with the billionaire class, his social progressivism and his passion for environmental sustainability and protection.

Perhaps his consistency is what has captured the minds and hearts of many Americans or possibly his ability to engage with audiences of all backgrounds. Time can only tell what the next few months of primaries, caucuses and conventions have in store. Despite the results to come, Sanders has raised awareness to important questions, issues and dynamics the United States is experiencing and this may influence our nation for the better.


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