FIU Pride Month kicks off with ‘glitz & glam’

Nadine Rodirguez/Staff Writer

Everglades Hall’s first floor lounge became the center of drag Thursday, March 31 with FIU’s very own second annual Kings & Queens of Glitz and Glam Drag Ball. This year the ball was hosted by two hosts, the Palace’s long-term headliner Tiffany Fantasia.

The event’s first performer was Fantasia. She delivered a performance that resulted in some dollar tips from LGBTQA Initiatives Multicultural Programs & Services director’s wallet that were thrown at her.

Following Fantasia were a series of performers who varied from two other drag queens who gave it their all down the red-carpet lined walkway, to drag kings who displayed their own sense of unique style.

After each performer Fantasia would share their opinion on the performance, some earning compliments from Fantasia while others earned skeptical glances.

The best part of the evening was the of unity. Although different genders and sexualities were intermingling, the crowd was overall positive and receptive. The crowd also expressed nothing but glamor and self-confidence.

After the final performance by Fantasia, there was a quick Q&A resulting in a rather intimate experience.

Fantasia discussed how she became involved in the Drag community, mentioning her first experience earning $10 tips while attending college. She also explained the difference of being “Tiffany Fantasia” and her true self, Henry Williams.

Other topics she briefly touched upon were Rihanna, favorite drinks, masculinity in society in reference to Drag Kings and how individuals need to respect Drag Queens and not touch their body parts without consent.

After the Q&A, FIU’s LGBTQA Initiatives spoke about upcoming events, such as Miami Beach Pride Parade happening on April 10. If interested in walking the parade with FIU, tickets can be bought via Eventbrite by searching “FIU LGBTQA Pride Parade.”

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