Student Thoughts: Society is two-faced when it comes to snitching

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Damian Gordon/Staff Writer

It seems that people don’t just bandwagon on basketball teams these days, but also hate trains for the unlucky person of the week.

Who you are dictates what you’re allowed to get away with. Many aspects play a factor, such as the position you hold in a society or group, how well liked you are, etc.

Recently, Nick Young A.K.A Swaggy P had a video secretly recorded of him confessing to cheating on his fiancée Iggy Azalea by fellow Lakers teammate D’Angelo Russell.

When a grown man is still calling himself “Swaggy P,” it’s not really surprising that he would do something so immature. The surprising thing was how Russell caught most of the heat since the videos release.

Back in the day, Kobe Bryant snitched on his teammates and kept it moving. Maybe all those championship rings made everyone receive amnesia? Unfortunately for Russell, he has no rings to erase the public’s memory Men In Black style like Bryant did.

Russell is not only getting labeled as a rat, but he’s being questioned on if he can be trusted enough to continue playing with his team. Yet, Young’s morals are not being challenged even though he was disloyal to the woman he was supposed to spend the rest of his life with.

Perhaps it’s the way so many people view Iggy Azalea, as if she’s the Hitler of music,  that has led to Young being portrayed as the victim.

Young is also the center of a popular meme that people relate with. That may be helping several to side with him.

If the roles were reversed with Azalea being recorded, no doubt the comments of the video would have flooded with praise for “outing that disloyal thot.”

Maybe it’s because cheating and NBA players are synonymous like Jared from Subway is with kids playgrounds now. So people aren’t shocked, caring less about matters like this and,  in fact, actually expect this from players.

The connotation of snitching is largely negative, especially in urban areas, with numerous rappers promoting this when they get beat down or shot, knowing who the attackers are and still not telling the police because “they ain’t no snitch.”

Snitching in some twisted way is considered dishonest, even if it has good intentions. Again, to use cheating as example, most people would want to be informed of their significant other being unfaithful.

Going by this warped logic, if someone turned in their best friend for being a serial murderer, the response would likely be loud “boo’s” followed by tomatoes being thrown at them while they walked through the streets, instead of commending them for getting a danger off the streets.

We’re told things like “no one likes a tattletale” since preschool, yet teachers and parents still ask for this when a vase is broken in the house or something is missing in the classroom.

No one likes a tattletale unless it’s convenient for them. Then, the hope is for the tattle to sing like Mariah.

It feels that when it comes to morals, society flip-flops more than the colors of flashing lights at a rave. This is how it’s always been and will continue to be unless things change with people starting to think as well as judge for themselves.



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