LGBTQA Panther Profile Series: Nicole Albertini

Darius Dupins/Entertainment Director

FIU Pride month is well underway. I’ve been lucky enough to get a group of brave students that are willing to live in the student spotlight and share their stories as LGBT students.

Our first student of this series is Nicole Albertini, a junior who identifies as a lesbian.

Albertini was between the ages of 10 and 12 when she realized she was gay. After moving to Boston Albertini grew more comfortable in her skin by attending queer specific discussions and events.

“I chose to come out to my mom on my birthday,” said Albertini.

Though mostly positive, Albertini’s coming out experience was spoiled by her mom gossiping and telling the rest of the family.

“…that was alright, since [the family] took rather well,” Nicole said about the aftermath of her mother telling the family of her coming out.

Coming out to immediate family is never easy. To have a close family member tell others your business that you weren’t comfortable enough telling them in the first place could deter you from coming out to anyone else.

Albertini is currently in a long-distant relationship and wouldn’t be comfortable on campus with her girlfriend showing public affection due to her past experience dealing with on lookers and religious individuals.

“The religion that most people follow in Miami is [catholicism] and they see [being gay] as a very bad thing…even the way I dress, people stare at me,” said Albertini.

Albertini hopes to get to a point when she’s open to publicly express herself to her girlfriend.

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