Pete’s Mock Draft: Picks twenty-one through twenty-five

Peter Holland Jr./ Staff Writer

The next five teams on my mock draft comes from the teams that made it to the playoffs but came just short. One impactful player could get them farther in the playoffs than they were last season.

21. Washington Redskins (9-7) Ashawn Robinson Defensive Tackle 6’4 320 University of Alabama

Robinson is who I define as a grown man, and he’s only 21-years old. The reason I said that is because not only he looks like an angry 40-year old man in person, but he also plays as if he belongs in a grown man sport.  His size at 6’4 320 lbs., he is a complete run-stopper who can swallow up running backs that runs up the middle. He is physically strong enough to push back interior linemen and could penetrate through any linemen that double teams him. Robinson could be a big pick up for Redskins since they didn’t resign Terrance Knighton.

22. Houston Texans (9-7) Will Fuller Wide Receiver 6’0 172 University of Notre Dame

Fuller could arguably be the fastest receiver in this year’s draft class. The Texans are looking for another weapon who can line up opposite of their leading receiver DeAndre Hopkins. Fuller is a burner who can out beat any secondary that come his way. Though he lacks size, his speed as a deep threat could be a difference maker for the Texans.

23. Minnesota Vikings (11-5) Josh Doctson Wide Receiver 6’4 190 Texas Christian University

The Vikings still does not have a legitimate number one receiver for their starting quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. Doctson could be the right answer for the Vikings after two productive seasons at TCU. He provides size advantage and great hands. He’s also underrated when it comes to blocking outside. That could be a huge asset for Vikings that is led by their leading rusher Adrian Peterson.

24. Cincinnati Bengals (12-4) Michael Thomas Wide Receiver 6’3 209 Ohio State University 

The Bengals are in search of a receiver opposite of A.J. Green, now that Mohamed Sanu signed somewhere else. Thomas could be a good replacement for the Bengals. He has playmaking ability and very dynamic for his size. Thomas could also be red zone threat when fighting for the football in the end zone. He could be a huge compliment for A.J. Green.

25. Pittsburgh Steelers (10-6) Eli Apple 6’1 199 Cornerback Ohio State University

The Steelers are in desperate need of secondary help. They need both a cornerback and a safety. It won’t be surprising if the draft them in the first two round. Apple could be the best the cornerback available for the Steelers. He may not wow you with his statistics, but that’s what happen when you are a shutdown corner. He is a high talented lockdown corner that can fit any defensive coverage. If drafted by the Steelers, who could contribute right away.

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