An unimpressive folk-pop release from Skylar Grey

Darius Dupins/Staff Writer

Skylar Grey garnered commercial success when featured on several US Billboard Hot 100 singles. It’s been a little more than half a decade since we last heard from Grey and even then the hook to her feature on Dr.Dre’s and Eminem’s “I Need A Doctor” was nothing to write home about.

I’d be lying if I didn’t know Grey was still relevant. Her most recent work was with rapper Nicki Minaj, on ‘Bed of Lies’ from Minaj’s 2014 effort, “The Pinkprint.” Little has come of Grey since then but there’s still a demand for Grey, I suppose.

‘Moving Mountains’ is Greys first single from her upcoming album. A ballad that kicks off with Grey reflecting on her seemingly average music career, she croons about wanting the world to see what she’s worth and she doesn’t “want to be stuck like everybody else.”

The potential aggressively simmers as the melody and instruments capture the mood of Grey’s reflective state. Unfortunately, Grey’s voice isn’t anything distinct, exciting and is downright uninspiring on a ballad about self-determination. Her singing voice isn’t bad; it would be difficult to distinguish between Grey’s voice and a room full of female singer-songwriters.

It’s unfortunate after years of lending vocals on international hits, Grey gives listeners a four-minute song that struggles to find its peak. Accompanied with a video of epic, sweeping views of a snowy valley, presumably the mountain valleys of Utah where Grey now lives, the video makes up for the lack of demanding presence from our songstress.

All in all, Grey delivers a mediocre, melodramatic, pop-folk ballad that doesn’t inspire.

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  1. I actually disagree 100%. First, Cannonball is the first single from her new album. Moving Mountains is the second single. She has been a little absent lately, but she has released a lot of new music within the last few years. For example, "I Know You" from Fifty Shades of Grey, "Rise" which was the theme song for Wrestlemania 31, and "I Will Return" which was the dedicated song to Paul Walker in Fast and Furious. The part in the article that says her voice would be difficult to be distinguished between other female singers is insane. I understand we all have our own opinions, but Skylar Grey has a beautiful, soft, angel-like voice. To me, her voice stands out more than any artist I’ve ever heard of. Her songs aren’t predictable and they all don’t sound the same like most female artists that are well known. Before i finish here, I need to mention that Moving Mountains is a INSPIRING AND BEAUTIFUL song. It talks about wanting more in life and instead of working so hard, like we all do, let the mountains move us. The beauty in this song is not too hard to see. We just become used to regular music we hear everyday, that it becomes hard to appreciate the true beauty in a song and in an artist. I’m so proud to say I can appreciate her and the beauty in this song.

  2. If you’re going to write such a degrading post about a respectable artist who makes great music, at least write it with correct grammar. When possessive, "Greys" needs an apostrophe ("Grey’s"). Moreover, check your facts – Skylar Grey has in fact been releasing music over the last few years. Thirdly, criticising her song writing abilities is downright ridiculous – in fact, it was her who wrote "Love The Way You Lie", which became a platinum single in the hands of Eminem. Lastly, you must be rather jealous of her talent and success in life since you have succumbed to composing such a badly-written article on a little-known website.

  3. So disagree Skylar is one of the best singers today!

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