Actress shares ‘twintuition’ during lecture series

Kayleen Padroon//Staff Writer

Wednesday, April 20, Tia Mowry visited FIU’s Biscayne Bay campus. She sat with student government member Jamie Adelson and talked about family, her roots in Miami and her past experiences in Hollywood dating back to the 90s.
One thing students were interested in seeing was their childhood idol grown up with a successful career as well as a loving and supporting family.

Her roots in Miami started back when her parents met in high school. After moving away together and joining the army, they had Mowry and twin sister, Tamera Mowry, along with two younger brothers.
After realizing the twins had artistic talent, their mother boldly decided to leave the army and move to LA so her children could pursue their dreams.
In an interview with Student Media Mowry admitted that “life was hard” and that “kids would pick on us because our pants were like high water, because we couldn’t afford new clothes.”
However, their luck would soon change when they coincidentally ran into Suzanne De Passe who previously discovered The Jackson 5.
“She brought us into a room with an exec at paramount studios and all we did was talk,”  Mowry said. That meeting provided for their entry into Hollywood.

Fast forward fifteen years and Mowry married her current husband Cory Hardrict. They have a son named Cree Taylor. Mowry confessed that “being a mom is amazing. It’s wonderful. I think being a mom is the best thing that has ever happened to me.”
In her new podcast, “Mostly Mom,” Mowry expresses a safe haven and positive environments for mothers and women alike.
With a judgement free zone, Mowry talks to guests about topics spreading way more than motherhood or everyday experiences, she even talks about politics and different points of view with no judgement and open mindedness.

However, “Mostly Mom” isn’t the only project she has worked on over the years. Mowry mentioned her time on the Fox TV show “The Game,” mentioning that it was the hardest thing she had ever auditioned for, and that the transition from girl next door from her previous experience with “Sister Sister” to a more mature role took a lot of practice.
“I literally had to work so hard. I remember auditioning with my husband, and going over the words and he would work with me. And I remember when I did the scene in front of him he was like ‘Tia that was terrible’. And I remember I was crying because he was like ‘that’s not it.’ And I think a part of me was insecure,” said Mowry.
Mowry landed the role of Melanie Barnett. Her character was later cut from the show, but she would still appear as a guest star on later episodes.

Students sat around and listened to Mowry’s past and present experiences with Hollywood as well as her new life as a mother and wife.

Mowry prides herself in separating family from work, to which she attributed her success in the show business.


Photo by Charlotte Alba // FIU Student Media

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