Letter to the Editor: CAPS addresses concerns

In response to The Beacon’s editorial, “CAPS does a disservice to students”

At CAPS, every student matters to us. Last year alone, we worked with almost 2,500 students to address concerns like anxiety, stress, and sexual assault, among others. We hope that our excellent service, care and understanding of student’s unique needs demonstrates that sentiment. We appreciate the feedback detailed in “CAPS does a disservice to students,” are very concerned about the experience described and will address it immediately.

To address the specific concerns about consultations, I’d like to explain why the current process is in place. In addition, I want to clarify that this applies to all students – regardless of their reason for being seen – and is not different for the LGBTQA community in any way. Consultations or first appointments are necessary to ensure that those students whose needs are most urgent are seen immediately. For example, a student seeking emotional support for anxiety will be seen differently than a student who is feeling depressed or suicidal. Regarding group therapy, an initial consultation gathers information as well as provides information. While we continue to expand our group program, groups are not continually open to new members. So the consultation serves several purposes: if timing is good, a group referral can be facilitated; if there is a waiting period until a new group is starting, we will discuss whether there is something that can be helpful in the interim.  Finally, an assessment is made to ensure that the group therapy is the appropriate resource for the individual. We do our best to safeguard group members, ensuring that all are in agreement with group guidelines, which include confidentiality for all members and a commitment to support and respect other group members. Again, every student matters to us.



Dr. Kate Kominars

Clinical Director



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