“The Voice” singer, Christina Grimmie, dead at 22

Image by Justin Huguchi on Flickr.

Zoe Lodato/ Contributing Writer


On June 10, 2016 in Orlando’s Plaza Live Theater, Christina Grimmie was shot after performing with the band, No Exit. A former The Voice season 6 contestant, Grimmie was signing autographs and selling merchandise after the concert ended at 10 p.m., when a man with two guns in hand entered the venue and shot her.

Grimmie’s brother and manager, Marcus Grimmie, tackled the gunman, stopping more harm to Christina and her fans from occurring, while the gunman turned the gun on himself.

Later identified as Kevin Loibl of St. Petersburg, FL, it is still unclear what his motives were, to drive all the way up to Orlando to commit this act of violence.

The reaction on social media was instantaneous. Her fans, in shock, began posting videos of her performance moments before she was shot, saying how they had just seen her perform and could not believe the news of the tragic attack on a vibrant 22-year-old, finally living her dream.

All over social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, the world became aware of this tragedy. Later that Friday evening, the Orlando Police profile tweeted that Grimmie succumbed to her injuries and regretfully passed away.

Adam Levine, the Maroon 5 lead singer and former The Voice coach of Grimmie, was also grief-stricken from the news, tweeting, “Behati and I are absolutely devastated and heartbroken by Christina Grimmie’s death. Our hearts go out to her family.”

BuzzFeed News reported, from their Twitter account, that Levine called Christina’s mother offering to pay for the entire funeral, in hopes that this will let the Grimmie family grieve in peace.

On June 14, a candlelight vigil was held in her hometown of Evesham, New Jersey to celebrate Grimmie’s life.

Described by her brother as spreading her love with “open arms,” Grimmie always gave back to her fans, friends and family with a humble heart.  

“She loved this town, this state. She loved the Lord and she loved me,” stated Marcus to town members of Evesham at the vigil, as told by ABC news.



Image: Christina Grimmie performing live at Citadel Outlets’ 13th annual Tree Lighting in Los Angeles, California shot by Justin Huguchi on Flickr.   

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