The Pokécraze spreads to BBC

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The Biscayne Bay Campus at FIU has not escaped the Pokémon Go hype that has spread through the nation. At BBC, students can find an array of Pokemon, Pokéstops, and Pokémon gyms to help them level up and train in the game.

There are an estimated number of 17 Pokéstops at the BBC. The two gyms located on campus include the Golden Panther and the start of the FIU nature trail, located by the tennis field.

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Graphic by Nadine Matas/ The Beacon

The rumored third Pokémon gym is across the bay area. It is called the Beach Mural at Oleta Park, and is flanked by two Pokéstops as well. Though this is technically the third BBC gym, it does not lie within the campus boundaries.

Graphic by Nadine Matas/ The Beacon

Graphic by Nadine Matas/ The Beacon

About to reach its two-week mark from the release day in the US, the Pokémon Go application has shown no signs of losing its users’ interest. With this, the count of incidents playing the game continue to grow.

Azalie Duque, a senior English and religious studies major, who does not play the game says “The game feels like another fad that will eventually evanesce. It has been a bit annoying, having to mute some chats because it’s all people talk about, but it’s not the end of the world, I suppose.”

As reported on local new channels such as Univision, Telemundo, Channel 7, users of the game around the country have gotten into life-threatening situations simply because they are not careful when playing the game. Chief Alex Casas from the FIU police even made a video to warn students to stay safe.

This however does not seem to be turning users’ attention away from the game, which expanded to more countries July 16th 2016.

The Biscayne Bay Campus, as announced on their Instagram page, will be having a Pokémon Go event on July 20 from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m., “registration will be in Panther Square but the battle will be in Panther Plaza.”


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