Defense stands out as ‘This Is It’ continues winning streak

Seth Louis // Contributing Writer

“This Is It”, the FIU men’s intramural basketball team, won its third game in a row beating opposing team, “Alpha Motor Neurons” with a score of 60-46. This Is It started the game off strong, but slowly let Alpha Motor Neurons, who were down by 10 points, storm back to tie the game at 28-28.

“We came in cocky and not everyone’s mentality was there in the game,” said Courtney Bigby of This Is It. “I feel like they punched us in the mouth to come back and tie the game.”

Alpha Motor Neurons seized the lead with a three-point advantage at halftime. In the second half, This Is It made some changes.

“We switched our lineup in the second half to give us more of a defensive presence,” said Bigby.

They started the second half with three straight steals and took control of the game. The team hit a multitude of 3-pointers, led by Caleb Swanner and Heron Elliott Jr.

The two players would cross the half-court line and make a 3-pointer nearly 30 feet from the basket. Their performance caused the bench to celebrate in awe.

Tino Vheriwa of This Is It, also put points up on the scoreboard during the second half.

Karl Powell of This Is It was impressed with how Vheriwa and the team played in the second half.

“Tino would get a rebound and take the two whole length of the court. They simply could not stop him,” said Powell. “We attacked the basket at every opportunity on offense and on defense, we rebounded extremely well and played the passing lanes.”

A three-point deficit at halftime turned into a 14-point win for This Is It. With playoffs just a few weeks away, this team is preparing to win the championship. The next two games are back to back on Wednesday, July 20 at 7:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.

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