Raving the way into the new Fall Semester

Photo by Jeff Warner/The Beacon

Zoe Lodato/ Staff Writer

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Hosted every year by FIU Campus Life, SummerFest is a one of a kind electronic dance music festival free for all FIU students. With foam blasting from both sides of the DJ booth, attendees can enjoy getting soaked with soapy foam while dancing to the music.

Aimed to promote Panther Pride for the incoming freshman class, Summer Fest also allows all FIU students to enjoy a free night of good music on Panther grounds with friends.

“By far the best part of SummerFest was enjoying the music alongside my friends. It was one for the books,” said Lucas Cerzosimo, a sophomore studying Criminal Justice.

While walking in, attendees were given free bandanas as well as plastic phone protectors and explored the many tents offering giveaways including ICE sparkling beverages helping people stay hydrated and the Student Programming Council giving off free shirts, accessories, and more. The Sigma Kappa Sorority was also doing free face painting as well as selling sweet treats while Revolution Dance Studio handed out free fans.

These organizations arrive three hours before the event to set up.  Immediately, music blasts through the speakers beginning to show off the DJ talent and get students excited to come in. At 7 p.m. on the dot, the gates opened and people poured in.  By 9 p.m., the foam blasters, which are over three feet in length, came to life and spew out foam. Any person within 10 feet of the DJ booth was soaked from head to toe with this soapy substance.

With over three DJs entertaining the crowd, the party kept going until midnight. Chantelle Mnayariji, a sophomore studying business, said she “was most excited to see the different faces attending. FIU is full of new and diverse people and it was cool to see a lot of excited freshmen. I liked the energy that all the people at SummerFest had and the enthusiasm toward the upcoming school year. It was a good example of Panther Pride at FIU.”

But if anyone’s wondering whether or not to check SummerFest out next summer, Lucas Cerizosimo puts it best: SummerFest “is a great experience that I would recommend to everyone as a way to get to know your peers.”


Photo by Jeff Warner/The Beacon


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