Adventure X returns to BBC

Alexa Roth // Contributing writer

With the Biscayne Bay as the backdrop, the Wellness and Recreation Center at the Biscayne Bay Campus is holding what it calls, “Outdoor Adventure X programs.”

From when it started in 2000, Jonathan Torrey, coordinator of Rec services, helped grow the kayak and paddle boarding program.

“We had two kayaks, and they were really only used for lifeguard training,” Torrey said.

Now, with more than eight kayaks and paddle boards, students can enjoy these trips and meet new people. Torrey highlights the advantages of having these activities at the BBC for students and faculty to enjoy.

“Students can gain knowledge of the campus and the environment,” Torrey said. “We see dolphins, manatee, and the marine biology program even uses this as a teaching experience.”

The Recreation Center holds these kayak and paddle boarding trips often throughout the month, and they even offer nighttime trips as well.

Torrey said: “Every event is packed, and there are usually people on a wait list. Students like the price and the fact that you can come out and have fun either as a beginner or someone more advanced.”

Everything is supplied, and participants are not required to provide their own equipment.

“It’s a great way to meet new people, especially because it’s two per kayak, and the lifeguard staff pays really close attention to safety,” Torrey said.

Before going out on the bay, there is an instruction and safety demo, to assure all participants feel comfortable and safe with the equipment. Alumna Ireysis Ramos is a frequent participant on the trips.

“The night trip is really cool, because we get to all gather on the island that they take us to and enjoy s’mores and sit around a warm fire. Whether you are a beginner or not, the lifeguards care a lot about our safety,” Ramos said.

Ramos also enjoyed the touristic atmosphere on the trips and the collective experience shared by the participants.

Student, Kayleen Baez, said her favorite part is “the environmental aspect of it, we see a lot of cool wildlife out there.”

The Adventure X programs offers an opportunity to meet new people and to exercise outside.

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