Move in day: A new life for new Panthers

Linda Rios/Contributing Writer

With a new semester closely approaching, Aug.18 marked the beginning of move-in day for incoming freshmen.

A year ago, it seemed unbelievable that I was now a college student about to move into my home for the upcoming year. The excitement of purchasing everything I might need for the dorm and waiting to see what building I was going to live in was nerve racking.

After attending freshman convocation, I spent my first night at my new home. All of my emotions were mixed up; from saying goodbye to my parents to sleeping with someone in my room with whom I had only spent classes with was different and a little unsettling.

In the beginning, it was very hard to settle in because I was new to everything and it was hard to get around campus. But after the weeks passed and I had built my own rhythm between classes and had learned to find time to actually eat as well as meet with friends, it became easier to get accustomed to the college pace.

College is an amazing experience, and everyone has a different rhythm to what they do and how they settle into their new lives, though I would not have changed anything from my past year.

As an incoming freshman, it’s important to know that college is not something to take lightly. Although, by planning, managing your time and maintaining your studies, college will become an amazing experience.



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