Students should get to know the FIUPD

Tensions between police and the communities they serve have prompted students to demand transparency from their law enforcement.

At FIU, questions still surround FIUPD’s possession of militarized weapons and how police are trained to deescalate conflict. Though, we as an editorial board wholeheartedly believe the police should be transparent about their use of weapons and training. We also believe that students have a responsibility to do their research because some information is available to them.

For example, FIU Police must follow the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security and Campus Crime Statistic Act. The Clery Act outlines the guidelines that the department must follow concerning compiling information, information that must be made public and safety procedures.

According to the Clery Center for Security on Campus, the Clery Act requires all universities who receive federal funding to share information about crime on campus and the school’s efforts to improve campus safety. This information must be made public via the University’s annual security report.

Statistics and police reports specific to FIU are also, in most cases, public domain and can be found at Through the website, students can request police records on most closed cases.

Though, not all records can be made public, as certain information can compromise a case and put the community at risk.

Just as the FIUPD have a responsibility to understand their community, students must hold themselves responsible for knowing exactly who their law enforcement is.

While it’s true that the police are meant to protect and serve us, students must also realize that certain precautions must be taken in order to preserve the efficiency of the department and the safety of the community.

Students need to understand that there are resources provided to them. When you aren’t aware of resources, it can result in confusion and shows how irresponsible students can be. Since FIUPD is located on campus, it is valuable for students to familiarize themselves with the department and everything it has to offer. That way, when a situation occurs, students will know where to go, what to ask for and learn how the department operates in regards to different circumstances.

Once students are aware of what is available to them, they will be able to do their part in the community.


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